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We can help you find the right timber cladding for your project.

Timber cladding to suit your style and budget.

At Vastern Timber you will find a wide range of exterior wood cladding. Choices include larch, cedar, oak and Brimstone boards. Whether you are trade or DIY, if you’re cladding with wood, we have you covered.

Wooden wall cladding is very versatile and works for contemporary or rustic styles on a variety of buildings. But choosing the right wood and style for your project can be difficult with so many options available. Will your perfect cladding be feather edge or shiplap, sawn or smooth, horizontal or vertical? 

We’ve helped thousands of people choose the right timber cladding for their project. With our experience and expertise we can help you to select the best option for your budget and style.

We will also help to make sure that you order the correct amount of cladding and that it is installed correctly.

Download our simple guide to help you choose your Timber Cladding

“Great experience dealing with Vastern Timber. Great quality British products (we ordered the Brimstone cladding) and very responsive answering all my questions etc. Very helpful delivery driver also!”

Google Review 2022

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Browse through our case studies to see a wide range of domestic and commercial buildings cladded with wood.

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Download our simple guide to help you choose your Timber Cladding

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Watch these videos to find out how British timber cladding compares to imported options.


Comparing British larch and Siberian larch cladding


Comparing British cedar and Canadian cedar cladding

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Looking for a particular piece of information, asset or advice? Visit our Resource Centre to find an array of resources on all products. From videos and case studies to downloadable information such as product specifications, certifications and product measurements.

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