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Solid Ash Flooring Features

Ash is a beautiful hardwood that grows prolifically in our local woodlands. Creamy coloured ash floorboards satisfy the current trend for paler tones. The wood has a strong grain pattern with visual interest, as English ash trees tend grow with a barrel of dark olive colour in the middle. When converted into flooring, this  darker tone creates an interesting contrast with the blond wood.
Solid ash flooring is a perfect alternative to oak. We love oak, but it’s not to everyone’s taste and ash offers a paler and, well, less ‘oaky’ option. Ash is not as hard as oak but it is hard enough for all but the most heavily used areas such as entrance halls and kitchens. Like all hardwood floors, a solid ash floor will be warm to the touch and easy to keep clean.
When you’ve spent the money and time creating your amazing floor, the last thing you want is a guest asking if it’s ‘real’ wood. Solid ash boards are the real McCoy. The boards will not be perfect and they will move a bit after fitting, but that is how you will know that you are standing on 100% English ash.
Our ash flooring is ideal for bedrooms and for other rooms where you want to create a lighter and brighter space. Depending on where you’re at on the modern to rustic scale, we can offer a range of grades, from a cleaner First grade ash floor to a wild and characterful Barn grade floor.
First Grade ash floor

First Grade ash floor

We use the best quality trees to produce our First grade ash flooring. Pale coloured wood makes up the majority of the floor, although there will be enough olive coloured streaks to make it interesting. The floorboards will be clean and will include only occasional small knots and defects.

Barn Grade ash floor

Barn Grade ash floor

The magnificent Barn grade ash floor is a bold choice. These floor boards are taken from the ‘heart’ of English ash trees where the oldest wood is found. Barn grade ash includes it all; large knots, wandering heart splits and stunning streaks of dark olive colouring.

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Solid Ash flooring specification

Our range of solid ash flooring is supplied in a traditional mixed width format, with each floor comprising of three widths. We do this to make best use of each ash tree we cut and because it is the way it has been done for hundreds of years. The board widths are designed to be laid randomly to create a natural looking floor.

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To see our full range of hardwood flooring, please come and visit our beautiful oak framed showroom at Wootton Bassett, Swindon, where we display all of our floors as well as many other products.


Each solid ash floor is created to order. Please allow three to four weeks for production. We can also supply skirting and architraves to match your choice of floor.


  • British ash
  • Fraxinus excelsior
  • From legal and well managed woodlands in Britain
  • Supplied by Vastern Timber (
  • Traditional mixed width specification
  • Random lengths
  • Supplied uncoated


First Grade ash floor
Face widths Thickness Profile Length
75 / 100 / 125mm 20mm T&G 0.9 – 3.0mt
Character grade ash floor
Face widths Thickness Profile Length
150 / 175 / 200mm 20mm T&G 1.2 – 3.0mt
Barn grade ash floor
Face widths Thickness Profile Length
200 – 300mm 20mm T&G 1.2 – 3.0mt
200 – 300mm 20mm SE 1.2 – 3.0mt
Widths We supply our solid ash floors in a traditional mixed width format. We will send you an equal area of each of the three widths.
Moisture Content 10 – 12%
Surface Finish Supplied planed and unfinished, without coating.


Our solid hardwood floors are supplied machined to a tongue and groove profile (T&G) on the long edges. The ends are cut square but may need retrimming on site. The corners are sharp rather than bevelled. The boards are reversible so that you can choose the best face when laying. We also offer our Barn Grade ash floor machined to a simple square edge (SE) profile.

Barn Grade ash floor only


Acclimatisation Our solid hardwood flooring is dried to a moisture content of approx 10–12%. We recommend that you acclimatise your hardwood floor in the house for four to six weeks before being laid.
Fixing options
Board widths Hidden nail Glue Cut nails Screws Floating
75 / 100 / 125mm Accept icon Accept icon Delete icon Delete icon Delete icon
150 / 175 / 200mm Accept icon Accept icon Delete icon Accept icon Delete icon
200 – 300mm Accept icon Delete icon Accept icon Accept icon Delete icon
Subfloor options
Board widths Plywood / chipboard Sealed concrete Battens Joists
75 / 100 / 125mm Accept icon Accept icon Accept icon Delete icon
150 / 175 / 200mm Accept icon Accept icon Accept icon Accept icon
200 – 300mm Accept icon Delete icon Accept icon Accept icon
Underfloor heating We do not recommend that our solid hardwood flooring is laid over underfloor heating.
Coating Our solid hardwood floors are supplied unfinished. Once laid, the floor will need sanding and finishing with your chosen flooring specific coating.
Movement A degree of movement should be expected after fitting and throughout the year as the ambient temperature and humidity in your house varies. Small gaps may open up between some boards.


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