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English Sycamore Sawn Timber

Waney edge sycamore drying

Waney edge sycamore drying

Reputedly introduced into Britain in the fifteenth century, the sycamore is now considered to be a native species. Being part of the Acer family, it is quite similar in appearance to the maple although it is not as hard.

Sycamore is prized for its creamy white colour which is preserved through the use of special drying techniques and by felling the trees during the winter months when the sap is down.

Waney edge boards of sycamore will be supplied with wane (bark) on one or two edges.

The sap wood of sycamore is indistinguishable from the heart wood which is also a creamy white. Dark green and brown mineral streaks will occasionally be present in the wood.

Sycamore is generally straight grained but in places it may become curly especially near the base of the tree.

The most prized sycamore is described as rippled which means there is a regular wave in the grain. Rippled sycamore when cut exhibits a stunning three-dimensional figure which becomes more pronounced after polishing. The most heavily figured sycamore is sometimes referred to as ‘fiddleback’ because of its use in the construction of high grade musical instrument cases.

To avoid disappointment please make an appointment before arriving at either yard to select sawn timber.

Technical Specification

Common name Sycamore
Other names Great Maple
Family Aceraceae
Genus Acer pseudoplatanus
Unit of sale M3 (Cubic meters) (1M3 = 35.315 Ft3)
Kiln dried weight Approx 630KG / M3
Specification Supplied in waney edge sawn boards
Width range 150mm – 250mm +
Description Board
thickness (mm)
thickness ()
Kiln dried boards 27 / 32 / 41 / 54 / 80 1 / 1¼ / 1½ / 2 / 3
Kiln dried boards 100 4
Moisture content
Description Board
thickness (mm)
Kiln dried Boards 27 – 54 10 – 14%
Kiln dried Boards 65 – 100 12 – 18%
Durability BS EN350-2. Non durable. Perishable
Workability + Fine finish from straight grained wood.  Silky grain for painting and staining
   Can spring after cutting. Curly grain will pick up during machining
Grades available Sycamore is available in the following grades but please note that not all thicknesses are available in all the grades:
First Joinery
This is our standard joinery grade where only occasional knots up to 40mm diameter are accepted. The grain may be slightly angled and some colour variation is likely. Larger knots and defects will be measured out. Centre splits are accepted but a suitable reduction in measure will be applied.Accepted: Grain deviation, occasional knots up to 40mm, dark mineral streak. Other isolated defects if measured out.Not accepted: Rot, excessive worm attack.
Suitable for the frames of covered furniture where strength is more important than visual appeal. Knots and defects are accepted providing there is a good proportion of cutting available. Centre splits are accepted but a suitable reduction in measure will be applied.Accepted: All knots and defects.Not accepted: Rot, excessive worm attack.

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