“More on” Rewilding and Tree Planting from Wood for the Trees

The Wood for the Trees team visited a huge tree planting project in Yorkshire to see Alastair Driver of Rewilding Britain. Charly is asking a range of experts about what holds tree planting back, and without fail ends up having much more wide ranging conversations beyond this topic.

“To share insights that would not otherwise make it into our films, we’ve made “More on rewilding.” said Charly.

In this five minute film, Alastair discusses some of the reasons that planting over a quarter of a million trees can be a challenge.

“These films will delve deeper into topics, updating and sharing more footage from some of our amazing contributors that didn’t make it into our original Woodforthetrees films.” says Charly

“Our first in this series is from a rewilding project advised by Alastair Driver Director of Rewilding Britain acting in a personal capacity as advisor to Broughton Hall estate.  Alastair has overseen the funding and planting of 230K trees at Broughton in the last two winters – probably the largest nature restoration planting in the UK.  

In this short film, Alastair discusses why tree planting is happening at scale on this Yorkshire project, the controversy around plastic tree guards and explains his part in creating the Nature for Climate Fund.”

Watch WFTT: More on Rewilding


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