Wood for the Trees

The future of our forests is hanging in the balance. This series from film-maker Charly Le Marchant and Vastern Timber MD Tom Barnes looks at what lies ahead for British trees, timber, wood and woodland.

There are major problems, but it’s not all doom and gloom.

Tom and Charly are delving into the wonders of our woodlands, as well as asking the difficult questions. Are trees really the answer to our climate crisis? How can we create more resilient woodland? What are the health benefits of trees?

These are just some of the topics you can explore right here. Enjoy!

Latest Film: From Food Production to Flood Prevention – Why we need more trees

Here’s the series so far…

Introduction: The Future of Britain’s Forests

The first film of our series ‘Wood For The Trees’ was filmed in December 2019 setting out to understand more about the future for UK woodland

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The importance of woodland management

The second in the series looking at the future of our forests. Tom talks to Dougal Driver about the need to manage British woodlands.

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Resilient Woodlands

In part three, Tom talked to forester Jez Ralph about resilient woodlands and experimental planting at the Dartington estate.

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Valuing the Health Benefits of Trees

Part four, filmed remotely during lockdown. Tom talked to Suzy Martineu about how to value the 'intangible' benefits we experience in woodland.

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Recreating A 'Wood Culture'

Part five, talking with Gabriel Hemery at the Sylva Foundation. An author and forest scientist, he explains why he believes all children should have access to Forest School.

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Small Woodland - Challenges and Opportunities

Part six, filmed at Hillyfield Woodland Farm, discussing the challenges facing small woodlands - such as disease, squirrels and planning rules

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Agroforestry - The Benefits of Trees on Farms

Part seven, filmed at Vallis Veg in Somerset, looking at how planting trees can benefit farmland.

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Growing Improved Trees for Timber

Part eight, with the Future Trees Trust, filmed at a sycamore progeny trial.

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Sustainable forestry - The need for nurture

Part nine, filmed at Bathurst, looks at what it takes to nurture a productive woodland, with Graham Taylor

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Rewilding: Regenerating the Landscape

Part ten, looking at natural regeneration at Knepp with Alastair Driver, Director of Rewilding Britain.

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A Better Future For Our Woodlands

12 Ideas to Help Britain's Forests Grow. A Summary of the suggestions from experts to help UK forests thrive.

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Planting trees for Carbon Sequestration - do the numbers add up?

Can we plant enough trees to save us from a warming planet?

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