August 22, 2022

FAQ: What is waney-edge cladding?

Waney edge cladding is a rustic style of timber cladding created by overlapping rough sawn timber boards so that the natural edge is left exposed. When installed on your building, the natural edge (wane) is visible on the lower edge of each cladding board.

Waney-edge cladding boards are cut directly from the tree and are normally supplied ‘green’ (wet) rather than air-dried.

What types of wood are used for waney-edge cladding?

The most common wood species used to produce waney-edge cladding boards are larch, cedar and oak. Elm was traditionally used as well but it is now very rare and expensive.

Waney-edge larch

Is Waney-edge cladding expensive?

No. In fact waney-edge cladding is the most cost-effective type of external timber cladding that we offer. Larch is the cheapest of all the specie choices.

What size are waney-edge cladding boards?

Our waney-edge cladding is supplied in mixed widths from approximately 200mm to 350mm. The lengths are also mixed from 1.8 m to 3.5 m or more.  The boards are either 19mm thick or 25mm thick.

How do I install waney-edge cladding?

Fixing waney-edge cladding is a simple process.

The important thing to remember is that the boards are wet and they will shrink after installation.

Full installation instructions can be found here 

A few quick installation tips

  •  Don’t install during hot summer months
  •  Groups boards of similar widths before starting
  • Line up the waney-edge when joining board lengths
  • Overlap boards by at least 50mm
  • Fix each board with only one nail per batten
  • Use stainless steel nails

Is waney-edge the same as feather-edge cladding?

The two types are similar in that they both have a sawn finish and are normally freshly cut from the log. However, feather-edge cladding has straight edges rather than a natural edge. Feather-edge cladding is a good option if waney-edge is a bit too rustic for your tastes.

What other options are there for timber cladding?

If waney-edge cladding is too rustic for your tastes we have plenty of smooth machined cladding options that will provide a more contemporary look.

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