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Archive: April 2023


English oak and sweet chestnut jointed cladding

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MD, Tom Barnes, brings home the Confor Changing Attitudes Award

March 1, 2023

We’re delighted that Tom Barnes, our MD, has been presented with the Confor Changing Attitudes Award. This award recognises an individual, business or organisation that’s promoting the forestry and wood sector in a positive, impactful way.  Tom was presented with the award by Trudy Harrison MP, the Minster for Natural Environment and...

Tom’s new film asks ‘Can we Plant Enough Trees to Save us from A Warming Planet?’

June 16, 2022

'Wood for the Trees' is a series from Tom Barnes and Charly Le Marchant. Tom is managing director of Vastern Timber, and Charly is a film-maker and sustainability educator. They're both passionate about woods and trees, and since 2019 they've worked together to make films about the future of UK forests. In these short films Tom and Cha...

“All funded tree planting to be accompanied by a long term management plan”

November 12, 2021

We asked experts working with woods, trees and timber, about the future of Britain's forests, and for policy suggestions to help them thrive. Doug King Smith said that woodland restoration should be prioritised over planting, “and all planting is made to have a decent planting plan and management plan, because without that we're just...

“Prioritise woodland restoration over tree planting”

November 11, 2021

Through the 12 days of COP26 we’ve shared 12 expert suggestions to help Britain’s forests grow. The last two suggestions are from Doug King Smith, who owns the Hillyfield Woodland Farm, which the forestry commission called a ‘first class case study’ in small woodland management. Doug said he would like recognition that forestry...

“All school age children to have access to forest school”

November 10, 2021

During COP26 we’re sharing 12 ideas to help Britain’s forests grow.  Wood for the Trees is a series of short films discussing the future for UK forests, with experts from a range of different backgrounds. Each guest was asked for a policy suggestion to help Britain’s woods and trees.  Award winning author Gabriel Hemery call...

“Always plant improved trees when planting trees for timber”

November 9, 2021

‘Wood for the Trees’ is a series of short films about Britain’s forests. We asked woodland experts about their hopes and fears for the future of our forests, and for suggestions to secure their future.  We spoke to Dr Jo Clark, Head of Research at the Future Trees Trust. She said “Thinking to the future, we know the climate is...

“Implement a carbon tax to incentivise local production”

November 8, 2021

In the 12 days of COP26, we’re sharing 12 policy suggestions from our series ‘Wood for the Trees.’  We met Chris Smaje, author of ‘Small Farm Future, and his wife Cordelia at their small-holding in Somerset, to talk about agroecology and agroforestry principles.  “Climate change is rising up the agenda and there's the wh...

“Control grey squirrel numbers to protect young trees”

November 7, 2021

Through the 12 days of COP26 we’re sharing 12 expert suggestions to help Britain’s forests grow. In our series ‘Wood for the Trees' Tom spoke to chartered forester and woodland consultant Graham Taylor. Graham is managing director of Pryor & Rickett Silviculture and was awarded a CBE for services to forestry. Tom asked h...

“Funding for 19% canopy cover by 2050”

November 6, 2021

Wood for the Trees is a series about the future of our forests. We asked woodland experts for policy suggestions to help Britain’s trees and woodlands, and we are sharing these suggestions during COP26. Suzi Maritineu works with Tree Sisters, a women's led charity focusing on reforestation projects in the tropics, and she co-found...


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