November 10, 2021

“All school age children to have access to forest school”

During COP26 we’re sharing 12 ideas to help Britain’s forests grow. 

Wood for the Trees is a series of short films discussing the future for UK forests, with experts from a range of different backgrounds. Each guest was asked for a policy suggestion to help Britain’s woods and trees. 

Award winning author Gabriel Hemery called for all children to have access to forest school, so that they are better connected to nature. Gabriel co-founded the Sylva Foundation, a charity that helps trees and people grow together, which supports a wide range of nature eduction projects, including forest school. When asked for one policy suggestion, he called for government to create a coherent, concerted plan for nature – including – “the education department to sort out the fact that every school child in Britain should have access to forest school.” 

Forest school is a form of outdoor education that nurtures a connection to nature. It’s a long-term program that supports play, exploration and risk taking, developing confidence and self-esteem through experiences in a natural setting. Wood for the Trees film maker Charly Le Marchant is a forest school leader as well as a film-maker, with Shared Earth Learning, which is based in the young forest planted by Cordelia and Chris at Vallis Veg, who featured in part six of the series ‘Wood for the Trees.’

Watch all twelve suggestions to help forests grow, from the experts we spoke to in ‘Wood for the Trees.’

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