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November 11, 2021

“Prioritise woodland restoration over tree planting”

Through the 12 days of COP26 we’ve shared 12 expert suggestions to help Britain’s forests grow. The last two suggestions are from Doug King Smith, who owns the Hillyfield Woodland Farm, which the forestry commission called a ‘first class case study’ in small woodland management.

Doug said he would like recognition that forestry “is not just the cutting and planting of trees.”

He says  “there needs to be a recognition that forestry is not just cutting and planting trees – it’s also the enjoyment of woods, the education that can take place, and the other activities which are forest based”

When asked to suggest one policy to help Britain’s woodlands, Doug said “My main contribution is to suggest that woodland restoration is given a priority over planting.”

Watch all 12 suggestions in our short film:


Find out more: Wood for the Trees: 12 suggestions to help Britain’s forests grow.

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