Supporting local woods

Supporting local woodlands

Since 1904, we’ve been working with locally grown wood. Over 80% of the timber we processed last year was grown in the UK. We focus on wood within 100 miles of our sawmills, and work with timber from woodlands we know well.

We understand that local woodlands are struggling, and the climate crisis is real. So, we’re not continuing ‘business as usual’ and being part of the problem. Instead, we’re taking action, joining the growing community of businesses that are acknowledging the climate crisis and committing to positive action.

Vastern Timber’s environmental policies are an ongoing work in progress. We’re working to improve and make progress. Our promise is that we will be open and honest about our impact.

Champions of local wood

Our mission is to encourage the use of locally grown wood. When we buy local wood, we’re supporting the planting of more trees and funding woodland management. All of which benefits people and the environment. 

We want to see more wood on construction sites and used in furniture making, rather than polluting materials like concrete, steel and plastic.

We’re also promoting the use of timber from local, well-managed woodlands, so more investment goes back into these precious habitats. Extra funds equals more woodland management. And when a woodland is well managed, it’s more biodiverse, resilient and accessible. 

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Our Manifesto: A plan for the future

In 2022 we declared a climate emergency, and we published the first steps in our plan:

1 – We put the climate and ecological emergency at the heart of our business strategy.

2 – We’re measuring our waste, as well as our scope one and two emissions

3 – We’re reducing waste and emissions as fast as possible.

4 – We produce and promote local, low impact and long lasting building materials.

5 – We’re encouraging employees, suppliers and customers to join our mission with creative communications.

6 – We’re buying locally grown wood from woodlands that we know are well managed.

7 – We’re quashing greenwashing and being transparent about our impact – good and bad.

8 – We’re engaging with trade and the government.

9 – We’re using at least 1% of our turnover to support people and projects that are helping our woodlands.

10 – We will report our progress each year.

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