A Manifesto: Our plan for the future

We've made a plan that recognises the climate emergency, and outlines the steps we're taking to improve our environmental impact.

There is a climate emergency.

Biodiversity is in crisis, and England is almost certainly in a state of deforestation.

We have a responsibility to engage with these issues.

In 2022 we joined Business declares and published the first steps of our plan.

Our plan for the future

  1. We’ve put the climate and ecological emergency at the heart of our business strategy.
  2. We’re measuring our waste, as well as our scope one and two emissions.
  3. We’re reducing waste and emissions as fast as possible.
  4. We’re producing and promoting local, low impact and long lasting building materials.
  5. We’re encouraging employees, suppliers and customers to join our mission with creative communications. Check out our ‘Wood for the Trees’ film series.
  6. We’re buying locally grown wood from woodlands that we know are well managed. Find out more about our Timber Purchasing policy
  7. We’re quashing greenwashing and being transparent about our impact – good and bad. Read more on our Brimstone blog.
  8. We’re engaging with trade and the government. Taking positive, productive and enthusiastic action. We’re part of Business Declares, the Alliance of Sustainable Building materials, and the forestry and climate change partnership.
  9. We’re using at least 1% of our turnover to support people and projects that are helping our woodlands. We call this the 1% Woodland Tax. Find out more about the projects we support and how to apply for funding.
  10. We will report our progress each year.


Since 1904, working with local wood has been the focus of our business. Today, that focus remains, along with a wider concern for people and our planet. 

We know there are real risks to our local woodlands. 

We know our wider environment is struggling. 

We know we can do more to measure and reduce our carbon footprint.

So we’re taking action. Here and now.

We’re looking forward to continuing the journey, sharing our progress – and being part of a collective drive for change.

Vastern Timber’s environmental policies are an ongoing work in progress. We’re continually working to improve and move forward. We promise to be open and honest about our impact, always.

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