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English oak and sweet chestnut jointed cladding

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Brimstone wins ‘People’s Prize’ at Sustainable Product Awards

February 28, 2023 our locally grown, durable timber cladding has won the people's prize at the ASBPawards The recognition really means a lot to us. Since day one, our goal with Brimstone was to create a successful, sustainable product that supports local woodland. Brimstone is the proof that it’s possible to make competitive t...

We’re in the final for the ASBP Product of the Year Award

February 8, 2023

The Alliance of Sustainable Building Products (ASBP) has put Brimstone on the list of finalists for Product of the Year 2023. We’re delighted to have reached the final for an award by the Alliance of Sustainable Building Products (ASBP). Our thermally modified wood, which is grown and manufactured in the UK, has been recognised in th...


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