April 28, 2021

Tom talks to Parliamentary Group on Forestry

Today, our MD Tom Barnes will take part in a debate hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Forestry and Tree Planting.

He’s planning to say “Last time I presented to you I talked about the benefits of using home-grown timber and why tree planting alone will not provide the benefits we desire. This time I am going to talk about the hardwood and specialty softwood market. The extent of it, the part home grown plays and what the future holds. I will also urge you to ensure that we plant trees with purpose and set out a National Timber strategy to provide the raw material we will need in future.”

At the last meeting, Tom said “there are big benefits on offer if we can tip the balance towards homegrown timber and grow more and use more of what we have here.”

These meetings are open to the public, and Tom’s talk from the last meeting is available on YouTube:



The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Forestry and Tree Planting meets today, and you can see what Tom’s planning to say on his blog.



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