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May 4, 2021

Comparing Oak and Sweet Chestnut cladding

Oak and sweet chestnut are great options for timber cladding, and our latest video compares these two timbers, to help with your decision making.

Oak is the UK’s favourite hardwood. It’s strong, hard and tough but it can be unstable. By comparison, Sweet Chestnut is light, it’s more stable, but it is a bit softer. We source most of our oak from local woodlands in England, which we supplement with timber responsibly sourced from France. All of our sweet chestnut is grown in Britain. Both of these timbers are are naturally durable, they’re similar in colour and similar in price.

Watch our short video to see some of the pros and cons of each timber, and get Tom’s top tips on the best profiles to choose and fixings to use.

Find out more about these options on our overview page:

Oak and Sweet Chestnut cladding. 


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