Semi-seasoned oak beams

What is semi-seasoned timber?

Semi-seasoned oak is somewhere between ‘green oak’ and ‘seasoned oak.’ 

Neither freshly cut, nor fully dried, it can be the best of both worlds – as it is still reasonably malleable and easy to work, but has also begun to dry out and settle. They are often a good choice for oak framing. 

We have a wide selection available in a range of sizes at various moisture levels.  

Why is it sometimes called ‘Steady oak’

Because semi-seasoned oak beams have had time to settle, they are sometimes called ‘steady’ oak beams.

The moisture content of timber affects how it behaves. ‘Green’ oak is freshly cut, it has a high moisture content, it’s fairly malleable and easy to work with. Green oak will strengthen, shrink and crack as it dries. Seasoned oak – air dried oak or kiln-dried – has a lower moisture content. It’s dried, and cracked, and harder to work with..

Semi-seasoned oak is somewhere in between. The oak has had some time to dry, but is still fairly workable. It’s a bit grey and a bit cracked, and so it’s less likely to move. That’s why it’s known as ‘steady oak.’

Ordering semi-seasoned timber

We offer a range of semi seasoned oak, with options available to suit a variety of projects. 

Contact our friendly team at Studley Sawmill for more information, and advice on finding what’s right for your project.

Browse our gallery to view a selection of our semi-seasoned timber.


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