British larch cladding in Timber Construction

Our British larch cladding is on the cover of Timber Construction magazine. Inside, our MD says “if you’re looking for great quality larch cladding, you don’t have to go far.”

“British larch cladding is a great alternative to Siberian larch (originating in Russia). Not only is British larch free of any sanctions or trade bans, but it also has a lighter environmental impact and will cost you less. When you buy British wood, you’ll also be supporting the management and upkeep of local woodlands too. Win-win.”

Vastern Timber MD Tom Barnes explains that “British-grown larch grows more quickly than Siberian larch but, when it comes to external timber cladding, it performs just as well. Its durability and density are on a par – and we’ve purposely set the grading rules to match Russian larch, so you’ll never need to compromise.”

“At Vastern Timber, we’re specialists in locally grown wood, and we’re proud to be the UK’s largest hardwood sawmill. Since the war in Ukraine, I’ve been able to make an even stronger case for homegrown larch. The thing is, we have beautiful wood growing right here on our doorstep – and there are so many reasons for choosing it. To start with, British larch is durable, affordable, and obtainable. What’s more, when you choose wood that’s grown in British woodlands, there’s no risk of conflict timber entering your supply chain.

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