March 29, 2016

Brimstone named as ASBP’s Sustainable Building Product of the Month


We were delighted to learn that The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP) has named our Brimstone thermally modified timber range as its Product of the Month for March.

Brimstone was only officially launched earlier this month at EcoBuild 2016, but the innovative superheating technique is already being widely seen as a breakthrough way to protect British woodlands by creating a genuine commercial demand for homegrown hardwoods.

This official recognition by the leading association dedicated to championing sustainable building products further confirms the vital role that Brimstone could play in helping to secure our threatened British forests for generations to come, with a uniquely durable timber product that’s perfect for cladding, decking and other outdoor uses.

The ASBP says: ‘The chemical-free process and the use of home-grown timber are the two key features that make the Brimstone range a worthy candidate for our Featured Product of the Month.

‘…What sets Brimstone apart is that it is produced exclusively from trees grown in English and Welsh woodlands, and from species that are currently underused, thereby supporting our local domestic woodlands and offering clear benefits with regards to miles travelled, carbon impact and wider social value to the UK.’

Read the full news story on the ASBP website here – and find out more about Vastern’s new Brimstone thermally modified ash, poplar and sycamore timber products at


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