July 17, 2020

Wood For The Trees part 5

This year, our MD Tom Barnes is making a series of films about the future of British woods and woodlands.

In part 5, he talks with author, forest scientist and co-founder of the Sylva Centre Gabriel Hemery about ‘Wood culture’ in Britain.  What are the connections between society and trees, and how this might affect the future of our woodlands and forests?

In this series, we want to find out more about experts hopes and fears for the future of our forests. Vastern Timber has worked with locally grown timber for generations, and we hope future generations can continue this tradition. But our woodlands face serious risks from climate change, pests and pathogens, under-management and under-investment. Will we care enough about the chronic problems facing our woodland to push politicians to do more to support future forests?

Find out more about the series on Tom’s blog.

Watch the full series on our environment page. 




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