January 23, 2020

Vastern Timber joins Alliance for Sustainable Building Products at the Healthy Buildings Show

We’ve joined the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products, and on 27 February we’re exhibiting Brimstone at the ASBP Healthy Buildings Show.

The ASBP is an independent alliance of organisations that share a common goal of increasing the quality, health and sustainability of the built environment. The Healthy Buildings Conference will be held on 27th February in London. Delegates will discuss how to deliver net zero carbon building products that are good for people and our planet.



Brimstone, our thermally modified cladding made of British grown hardwood, has been a featured product with the ASBP since its launch in 2016.

We also supplied Brimstone ash timber decking to Old Hollloway, the passivhause designed byJuraj Mikurcik, which was highly commended at last year’s ASBP awards.

This year, we’ll be exhibiting Brimstone, and its recently published Environmental Product Declaration, at the ASBP Healthy Buildings Show.

Brimstone EPD


According to the ASBP, Environmental Product Declarations could become mandatory in future.

“The UK Government has committed to reducing UK Carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 though a legally binding amendment to the Climate Change Act. Meeting this goal requires us to rapidly address the embodied carbon associated with the extraction, manufacture, transport, use and end of life of construction products emphasising the need for credible and verifiable EPD for all construction products. It is envisaged by 2022 that EPD will become mandatory… The need for credible and verified EPD has never been greater.”

At the show, we’ll join 12 other organisations presenting a 90 second pitch on “how is your product or service low carbon and healthy.” I’ll run through the EPD numbers and try to explain as quickly as possible how British grown timber can play a big part in a low carbon future. 

Don’t miss it! 

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