Brimstone ash takes front seat

Railroad seat by Furnitubes. Made from Brimstone ash.

Two of our clients have recently used Brimstone ash to make outdoor furniture and we thought that both projects were impressive enough to shout about. Being stable, durable and reasonably hard wearing, Brimstone ash is well suited to the demands of exterior seating. We may be biased, but we also think that the wood is unrivalled in its beauty.

Brimstone ash seat slats on A a Railroad Bench

Furnitubes, a British street furniture manufacturer, has been diving deep into the sustainability of their materials. After extensive research and testing alternatives to virgin tropical hardwoods like Iroko, they’ve introduced two new product lines. The first features reclaimed hardwoods salvaged from marine defences. The second is our very own Brimstone ash.

The team at Furnitubes was impressed with Brimstone’s physical properties and its attractive, tactile appearance. The real clincher? Brimstone is sourced from English woodlands, many within 100 miles of their sawmill. The sample benches were a hit at Clerkenwell Design Week!

Andrew Lord Furniture recently designed and crafted two corner benches for a local client. The precise design called for a wood that would stay flat and straight over time, ensuring consistent spacing between the strips. Brimstone ash was the obvious choice. The benches’ formal yet comfortable design perfectly complements the house and gardens.

If you are inspired to use Brimstone ash for you next outdoor furniture project, please contact our team at

Check out the Brimstone website to find out more about the wood, how it’s made and where it comes from.

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