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Sam’s Mushrooms

Sam is a local lad who visited our sawmill a few years ago asking for sawdust. We gave him a few bags and didn’t think too much about him. It turns out that Sam was working on rather a cool business idea.

At just 16 years old, Sam stumbled upon research that would change the trajectory of his life. A study revealed the potential of lion’s mane mushrooms in improving neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s, which his grandfather had recently been diagnosed with.

Driven to find high-quality mushroom supplements, Sam was disheartened to learn that a staggering 74% of products on the market contained no actual mushrooms due to lax testing standards. This discovery sparked a determination within him to create a new solution.

With his family’s support, Sam asked his grandfather if he could transform an unused barn into a mushroom farm, and thankfully, he agreed. Smart Mushrooms was born – a company dedicated to sharing the health benefits of mushrooms. Sam’s products include a range of beautifully designed mushroom grow kits as well as science-backed, high-quality supplements extracted from the lion’s mane mushrooms he cultivates.

We first encountered Sam when he came looking for sawdust to use as the growth substrate for his mushrooms. From that initial visit, it was evident that Sam possessed not only ambition but also an entrepreneurial flair. Moreover, Sam is a hard worker; on his last visit, he explained that he still handles all the tasks himself, from inoculating sawdust to delivering packages to the local post office.

From that formative teenage discovery, Sam’s mission emerged: to empower people to elevate their health and wellness through the natural benefits of functional mushrooms. His journey stemmed from a desire to make a real impact on millions of lives, including those closest to him.’

In recognition of his achievement Sam recently won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the South West Business & Community Awards.

To find out more about Sam’s journey or buy yourself a mushroom grow kit, or better than that, buy a whole load of grow kits as presents, visit Smart Mushrooms


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