October 2022 News from the Sawmill

How do you go about mapping a wood? Is England facing deforestation? Is the government going to change direction on the Environmental Land Management Scheme?

This month, we’ve been asking big questions. And with the help of experts, and our own experience, we’re sharing some answers with you.

Keen to know more? Great. Come with us to Paradise Wood, check out the latest rumours on government policy, discover the truth behind the headlines, and be inspired by another beautiful customer case study.

Let’s go!

Paradise Wood Mapping Project

Join us as we head down to Paradise Wood, a place designed by Gabriel Hemery in the 1990s. Today it’s a unique silvicultural resource and home to a range of fascinating forest management trials.

With support from the 1% Woodland Tax, a new project is underway to map the wood and produce a detailed management plan. Find out more about this amazing project in our video and blog.

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Timber Construction Cover Story: Brimstone is transforming British timber

Recently, our MD, Tom, talked to Timber Construction magazine about the birth and evolution of Brimstone wood.

“We know it makes sense to use British wood. We realised we could transform Ash, Poplar and Sycamore into a durable, stable, beautiful wood ideal for outdoor use – and Brimstone was born.”

Find out how Brimstone is transforming British timber options in the latest issue.

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Is England suffering from deforestation?

We tend to associate deforestation with exotic places like the Amazon. But, according to many experts, it’s happening right here in England too.

See the facts behind the headlines, discover some of the causes – and, most importantly, see what action we can take to change the story. Head over to Tom’s blog to get the full lowdown.

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Case Study: Oak Framed Garden Room

See how an old conservatory has been replaced by a spectacular oak beamed garden room. The development team at this old farmhouse told us about the process of working with beautiful big oak beams, supplied from our very own sawmills.

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Deeper into Longleat Forest

Last month we shared a short blog about Longleat forest, where we sourced some very nice ash and oak for our sawmills.

This month we’re taking you deeper into the forest, quite literally, as Head Forester Jim McConkie tells us why he’s fascinated by the forest floor and the ancient soils of this special woodland.

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The government’s Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) was supposed to reward those who were managing their land to benefit the environment. Now it’s rumoured that the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, is set to change the policy direction.

In their latest blog, the Wood For The Trees team discuss this change of direction, the ‘attack on nature’ and the risks of growth at any cost.

The next film in the series is coming soon. Watch this space.

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