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Elm flooring: Barn grade

150/175/200mm mixed widths | T&G150/175/200mm mixed widths | T&G
Elm flooring. Barn grade. 150 / 175  / 200mm   Elm flooring. Barn grade. 100 / 125 / 150mm
Ideal for: A bold statement in a large space.
Not ideal for: Crawling children or the perfectionist.

Barn grade elm flooring is visually stunning. The boards are wide and full of wild features and contrasting colours. This floor is ‘characterful’ in every sense and will create a dramatic focus for any large open space.

The boards are supplied unfinished and will require sanding and sealing before use. Elm is an inherently unstable wood and a degree of movement should be expected after fitting and throughout the year as the ambient temperature and humidity vary.

Technical Specification

Provenance Legal and well managed forests in England
Face widths Thickness Profile Length
200 – 300mm 20mm Square edge 1.2 – 3.0mt
200 – 300mm 20mm Loose tongue 1.2 – 3.0mt
Profiles Square edgeLoose Tongue
Available in mixed widths machined to two edge profiles
Moisture content 10 – 12 %
Surface finish Supplied planed without surface treatment
Shrinkage 0 – 2%. Dependent on ambient humidity
Weight 650 Kg / m3 when air dried
Modulus of elasticity E = 13,000 N/mm2
Fixing options
Face widths Secret nail Glue Cut nails Srews Floating
200–300mm SE Delete-icon Delete-icon Accept-icon Accept-icon Delete-icon
200-300mm LT Delete-icon Delete-icon Accept-icon Accept-icon Delete-icon
Subfloor options
Face widths Plywood /
Battens Joists
200–300mm SE Delete-icon Delete-icon Accept-icon Accept-icon
200-300mm LT Delete-icon Delete-icon Accept-icon Accept-icon

We do not recommend that our solid hardwood flooring is laid over underfloor heating

Further information Trada Technology.
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