Support British woodlands by using British wood.

Vastern Timber is the UK's largest and most established hardwood sawmill and has been manufacturing British Timber Products, all from locally grown timber, for over 100 years. From British logs cut in our own sawmills we offer an extensive range of sawn hardwoods for joinery and furniture making, as well as oak beams, timber cladding and hardwood flooring for commercial and residential buildings.

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One of the largest and most established British hardwood sawmills in the UK.

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Supporting British Woodlands

At Vastern Timber we understand the importance of third party certification, but we believe that sustainability should be more than a logo. Current estimates are that only 6% of the hardwoods that we consume in the UK are British grown, and yet, only 40% of our mixed broadleaf woodlands are managed. This situation needs to change. When you buy British grown timber you are sustaining your native woodlands by directly supporting the management and upkeep of this valuable and beautiful resource.

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Grown in Britain, PEFC - Promoting Sustainable Forest Management, Confor - Promoting forestry and wood

British Timber Supplier

Vastern Timber is one of the country's largest English hardwood sawmills, specialising in the cutting, drying and machining of British hardwoods and softwoods. As a British timber supplier we offer a range of sawn hardwoods for joinery and furniture making, oak beams for construction, timber cladding, solid hardwood flooring and hardwood decking.

Over 4000M3 of sawn British hardwoods and softwoods available for sale

British oak / Ash / Sweet chestnut / Elm / Sycamore / Cherry / Walnut /
Cedar of Lebanon / Western red cedar / Larch / Brimstone wood


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