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Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles are a roofing and cladding product traditional in Canada and North America. We stock the highest grade of shingle, No1 Blue label.


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What are Cedar Shingles?

Cedar shingles are essentially wooden tiles sourced from western red cedar trees grown on the west coast of Canada. Cedar shingles are cut to 405mm long and fine sawn to produce tapered shingles of random widths ranging between 75mm and 350mm.
Prized for their natural durability, light weight and beautiful appearance cedar shingles can be used for both pitched roofs and vertical walls on domestic and commercial properties.
We stock No 1 Blue Label cedar shingles, which are the highest quality of shingle available. Shingles produced to this grade are 100% edge-grain, 100% clear of knots and 100% free of sap.
Cedar shingles are sold in bundles that cover between 1.75M2 and 3.45M2 depending on the angle of the surface to be covered.

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Cedar shingles from Vastern Timber

Supplied by Vastern Timber

  • Canadian western red cedar
  • Thuja plicata
  • Sourced from legal and well-managed forests in Canada. PEFC certified.
  • No 1 Blue Label quality
  • 405mm long +/-
  • Widths from 75mm to 350mm
  • Supplied uncoated. No treatment required.


The colour of cedar shingles ranges from dark chocolate brown to light amber with occasional streaks of pink. When left untreated, cedar will bleach to a silver colour although the process can be inconsistent and patchy. Northerly elevations may weather to a darker grey than those facing South.

Desired service life
Occasionally wet 60 yrs. Frequently wet 30 yrs.

Movement class

Resistance to impact

Working properties
Good workability. Takes fixings satisfactorily. Cedar is soft and relatively brittle which can result in bruising and splintering. No pre-drilling necessary.

330 – 390 Kg / Cm3

Approx 14KG per bundle

Western red cedar contains reactive oils, which will corrode ferrous metals. All fixings used in conjunction with western red cedar must be stainless steel. The brown oil can leave unsightly brown stains on the surface of the shingles and will stain any porous materials below the cladding.


Length 405mm

Mixed random widths in each bundle 75mm – 350mm

Pitch Coverage per bundle
14 – 19° 1.75M2
19°+ 2.3M2
Vertical 3.45M2


Recommended Exposure
Pitch Exposure
14 – 19° 95mm
19°+ 127mm
Vertical 175mm

How to fix
Separate adjacent shingles by 6 – 9mm. Following joints should be offset by at least 38mm. Use two nails for each shingle, 19mm – 25mm from the edge and 38mm – 50mm above the end position of the following shingle.

Battens of at least 25mm x 38mm to be set at centres equivalent to the shingle exposure. The exposure is the portion of the shingle exposed to the weather.

Nail type
31mm stainless steel ring shank nails

When to fix
Year round


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