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Our Wootton Bassett showroom is open and you can book a visit to browse and select timber for your projects. We have covid-safety measures in place, and ask all visitors to wear masks indoors and outdoors on our premises.

We are still taking orders for cladding, beams, planks and flooring by phone and email. Please contact us to book your visit or continue to browse our site.


Laying a floor

Helpful tips for laying our hardwood floors.

Fitting any solid hardwood flooring is more than a quick DIY job. If in doubt, employ a professional (having first obtained references).

  • Make sure all concrete, plaster and paint is dry before introducing the flooring to a room.
  • Ensure that there is no damp.
  • Acclimatise the flooring by stacking it in the room where it is to be fitted; leave it for two to four weeks before laying (four weeks in the winter). If the room is to have heating, make sure it is on, especially in the winter.
  • If you intend to use under floor heating, contact us first for advice.
  • Ensure that the boards are laid straight down the room. Walls are rarely straight.
  • Always leave a 10-15mm expansion gap all the way around the edge, including around fire surrounds etc.
  • Make sure that the base to which you are fixing the flooring is dry, flat and sound.
  • Secure the boards to the base by nailing or by using a recommended adhesive.
  • Specialist flooring nailers are available to hire from us.
  • If laying the boards on joists, the ends of the floorboards must be joined on the joist.
  • Randomly mix the board widths as you lay them.
  • Make sure that the three widths are used up evenly.
  • You may need to trim some ends to make them absolutely square.
  • Once laid, the floor will require sanding. Best results will be achieved by using a combination of belt sander, orbital sander and edge / corner sander.
  • Vacuum the floor to remove dust and then wipe the floor with a cloth dampened in white spirit.
  • Apply recommended floor seal with appropriate applicator in even strokes along the length of the boards.
  • Sit back and admire the beauty and quality of a solid hardwood floor.
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