Fixing Waney-edge Cladding

A guide to fixing waney-edge cladding

The following information is provided in the spirit of general advice. It is not intended as a comprehensive guide. If in doubt, we recommend employing a skilled tradesperson to carry out the installation.

Profiles: VWE1, VWE2

Horizontal attachment only
Waney-edge boards are supplied in various widths. It is advisable to select boards in batches of approximately equal widths before starting. This will help achieve runs of a consistent depth across the building.

Begin at the bottom, ensuring that the first board is level and the waney-edge is facing down. Use a 19/25mm strip (depending on the thickness of the board) behind the lower edge of the bottom board for support.

Overlap subsequent boards by 50 – 65mm. It is important not to reduce the recommended overlap. Waney=edge boards are cut from green (wet) timber and will, as a result, shrink by up to 15mm as the board dries.

We recommend that each board is fixed once with a nail located 10mm above the upper edge of the previous board. Some suppliers advise using two nails per board, but this does not allow for shrinkage of the board and can result in splitting.

End joining of the boards should coincide with a batten and should be staggered to ensure that subsequent boards do not joint in the same place.

Waney Edge_Face fix

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