Fixing Splayed Cladding

A guide to fixing splayed cladding

Profiles: VSP1

The following information is provided in the spirit of general advice for fixing splayed cladding. It is not intended as a comprehensive guide. If in doubt, we recommend employing a skilled tradesperson to carry out the installation.

Splayed up to 150mm_Face fix

Horizontal attachment only
Begin at the bottom, ensuring that the first board is level. Orientate the board so that the uppermost edge is sloping down and away from the building. For boards up to 150mm wide, use two fixings located centrally and spaced approximately 65 – 75mm apart. For boards wider than 150mm, the spacing may have to be increased to 75 – 100mm to prevent the board from cupping.

Subsequent boards can be spaced 5 – 15mm apart, depending on the desired appearance. It is important to ensure that any building paper or insulation will not be visible through the gap at eye level.

If the two edges of the board are chamfered at different angles, the boards are orientated so that the gap increases from the face to the wall.

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