Fixing Halflap Cladding

A guide to fixing halflap cladding

The following information is provided in the spirit of general advice for fixing halflap cladding. It is not intended as a comprehensive guide. If in doubt, we recommend employing a skilled tradesperson to carry out the installation.

Profiles: VHL1 – 7

Horizontal attachment
Begin at the bottom, ensuring that the first board is level with the lap that is adjacent to the wall, pointing upwards. For boards up to 150mm wide, use a single fixing located 25 – 30mm above the lower lap. Never nail through the lap joint. For boards over 150mm, use two fixings, with the second located a further 65 – 75mm above the first to allow for some dimensional movement.

Leave a gap of approximately 2mm between each of the subsequent boards to allow for possible expansion.

Vertical attachment
Start at one corner, with the lap that is adjacent to the wall facing away. Nail as with the horizontal attachment.

Halflap over 150mm_Face fixHalflap up to 150mm_Face fix

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