Advice: Building a decking area

Helpful tips on building your deck.

  • Design the deck you intend to build before buying anything.
  • The deck should be designed and built in four steps. 1: the supports, 2: the frame, 3: the deck boards and 4: the handrail system.
  • If the deck is to be elevated, it is advisable to consult a professional installer or constructional engineer for advice.
  • All structures, including decking, must adhere to building regulations.
  • You will need: a chop saw, power drill, spirit level, tape measure and a square.
  • Use a weed suppressing membrane to stop vegetation from growing up through the deck.
  • Space the supports or posts a maximum of 1800mm apart.
  • If the deck is more than 600mm from the ground, the handrail must be more than 900mm high.
  • Joists should be a maximum of 400mm apart.
  • Leave a 3mm gap between deck boards.
  • Ensure the deck frame is rigid, square and level (with a slight run off) before fitting the boards.
  • Use galvanised or stainless steel screws.
  • Hardwood deck boards will need to be pilot drilled.
  • Treat all cut ends with Osmose Endcoat.